NCDA’s COVID-19 Career and Mental Health Resources

There are countless resources, lists, webinars and tools being circulated to support helping professionals during this global pandemic. Read more about how these resources were chosen below. NCDA will update this page continuously. Have a suggestion? Please email us!

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Basic Needs and Provisions

How is NCDA choosing resources?

NCDA has formed a working group to select and evaluate resources. No one person is equipped to deal with these unprecedented times. We are approaching this together, as a community of career professionals. Then, you in turn, can support your communities across the country, and worldwide, knowing that your colleagues and peers have carefully chosen these resources for you. Do you have an approach, a tool or a resource to share with your NCDA community? Please email us!

Call to Action

NCDA members are encouraged to tell their story. Read the details on the NCDA Advocacy webpage: Call to Action.

Career Resources

Free webinar for career services professionals:

The uncertainty of students' future is captured in this video (May 5, 2020, NBC News) which includes a comment from Dr. Melissa Venable of and former NCDA Board Member. 

NEW! The Crisis of Unemployed Graduates: Colleges must help prepare the class of 2021 to navigate the worst job market in decades. (Selingo & Sigelman, Feb 4, 2021, Wall Street Journal)

NEW! Global Digital Career Advocacy - watch the various interviews by Raza Abbas which aim to provide keen stakeholders with valuable perspectives on the significance of career development from leading career influencers from around the globe to raise awareness on the significance of career guidance and career development especially in the times of Covid-19 pandemic. 

Remote Working

Ethical Use of Social Networking Technologies in Career Services - This paper shares the results of the NCDA Ethics Committee’s comprehensive review of literature about the use of social networking technologies in practice by career professionals and those in related helping professions. The paper served as a foundational resource to inform the guidelines that are now a part of the 2015 Code of Ethics.

From NCDA Publications

NCDA headquarters and members are gathering resources, and we will highlight them in this section. Note, while the older articles have been written in a very different time and we acknowledge that today's world experience is unprecedented, the message can still be helpful.

Teaching Online Career Development Classes- Free chapter from the NCDA monograph, Teaching Career Development: A Primer for Instructors and Presenters (Osborn, 2016).

Intentional Exploration: A Holistic Process to Navigate Career Change and Uncertainty- Free article from NCDA's Career Developments quarterly members-only magazine (Franklin 2015)

Career Convergence - helpful articles and tips during COVID19 restrictions, such as social distancing, online learning, and working remotely:

NCDA Webinars & CEUs:

Did you know all pre-recorded NCDA webinars are free for viewing at anytime at your convenience? Linked under Professional Development, these webinars offer a wide range of topics. CEUs can be purchased for only $35 per webinar. Now, as part of NCDA's response to COVID-19, CEUs for watching a group of webinars are available at a discounted price. Watch 1, 2, or 3 webinars, then click on the link below to purchase CEU's.

Discounted CEUs Webinar Package

CEUs are required for credential holders and registry instructors. Gaining approved CEUs is as easy as 1-2-3 with NCDA! For more information about each webinar visit the Professional Development:Webinar page, or, for registration questions contact

Resources from our Cousin Organizations

CAS - Counsel for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

NEW STUDY! The Postsecondary Education Research Center (PERC) at the University of Tennessee is conducting a multi-phase study of the practice of student engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study is a survey of student engagement professionals to better understand the experiences of those who are working to plan and implement student engagement opportunities. You are invited to participate in the anonymous survey, found here: COVID-19 Student Engagement Survey.
Learn more about PERC.
Learn more about CAS.

ACA - American Counseling Association

Highlight: Self-care resources for helping professionals
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NACE - National Association of Colleges and Employers

Highlight: NACE Members Respond - Resources & Ideas
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ICF - International Coach’s Federation

Highlight: Video Series: Making the Shift to Virtual Coaching (scroll down to that section)
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CERIC - Advancing Career Development in Canada

Highlight: How Career Professionals Are Adapting to COVID-19
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American Psychological Association

Highlight: Free Access to the Publication Manual and Other Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic  (or try here)
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