NCDA Monographs and Books Are Resource Treasures

By Robert Reardon

            About five years ago, NCDA launched a revitalized effort to publish books and monographs about the field of career development. Unlike most other associations in the career development field, NCDA now has a publications list that reflects the "intellectual capital" of the association and its members. It is something to be proud of and to support with purchases and networking promotions.

            This article features resource information and reviewer comments about NCDA published monographs and books, which are available through the NCDA Career Resource Store. Visit the online store to fill your shopping cart, or call toll-free 1-866-367-6232 to make a selection via a purchase order.

NCDA Monographs
            The Career Resource Store offers nine monographs (defined as about 100 pages) recently written by NCDA authors covering selected topics related to the competencies of career services providers in the settings where they work.   

Titles and Samples of Reviewer Comments (source listed at end of comment in parentheses) -- all are linked to the NCDA Career Resource Store.

How to market career development services and programs. by Carol A. Edds (2008).
 "Edds presents a monograph that applies not only to marketing career services, but to any campus services including advising. From a big-picture view of the campaign down to the tiniest details of text and appearance, the author presents a comprehensive look at campus promotions." (NACADA)

How to develop and manage career resources by Susan Epstein  & Janet G. Lenz (2008).
 "Whether you have extensive experience developing and managing career resources or new to the field, this monograph has something to offer. This is one reference you will pick up time and time again!" (Career Convergence)

Starting and growing a business in the new economy: Successful career entrepreneurs share stories and strategies by Sally Gelardin & Associates. (2007).
 ". . .creatively presents 17 individual contributors' accounts of their business development and personal career journeys. Sally Gelardin has skillfully recruited a group of career development notables representing various facets of career entrepreneurship from solo practice to million dollar businesses." (Career Convergence)

Teaching career development: A primer for instructors and presenters by Debra S. Osborn (2008).
 "The most appealing aspect of the book is that although it focuses on career development the material can be used for other subject matter such as first year experience and student success." (NACADA). [Eds. NOTE: the second edition of this monograph was published in 2016.]

Group career counseling: Practices and principles  by K. Richard Pyle (2007).
 "Dr. Pyle's specific examples and activities are excellent practical, hand-on resources for leading a career group." (CareerWatch) [Eds. NOTE: the second edition of this monograph was published in 2015.]

Designing and implementing career programs:  A handbook for effective practice by James P. Sampson, Jr. (2008).
 "This monograph presents a comprehensive approach for delivering career services to adolescents and adults with differing needs in a variety of settings. Emphasizing cost-effective and efficient change, Sampson defines, describes, recommends, and suggests a wealth of career resources that can be useful in educational and business settings. Every aspect of changing or creating career programs is covered in this compact and complete monograph." (Career Convergence)

A strength-based approach to career development using appreciative inquiry by Don A. Schutt, Jr. (2007).
 "Students would respond positively to the philosophy presented in this book, because it respects their experiences and creates a focus on strengths and positive outcomes. As a student affairs professional, elements of the appreciative inquiry process could also be integrated into programming and workshops aimed at encouraging self-reflection as a life skill with many applications." (NACADA)

Career and caregiving: Empowering the shadow workforce of family caregiver  by Sally Gelardin & Associates. (2009).
With the current focus on healthcare, this monograph provides timely ideas that counselors can use in assisting family caregivers more effectively manage their lives and careers. The authors describe issues that are complex and problems are that are huge, but these 15 career services providers share personal stories of creativity, courage, and resourcefulness that are informative and inspiring. (Reardon)

A case study approach to ethics in career development: Exploring shades of gray by Julia Panke Makela (2009).
Professional practice in career services is based on ethical principles and this monograph provides examples of difficult, real-world issues faced by career services providers in varied settings. It is intended to inform the profession about strategies and resources for addressing ethical dilemmas. (Reardon)

NCDA Books
            Throughout its history, NCDA has produced more than a dozen books (defined as 125+ pages). Some of these were classics, e.g., Parsons (1909) Choosing a Vocation, or reports of historic importance, e.g., Hoyt (2005), Career Education: History and Future. However, the most important book has been A Counselor's Guide to Career Assessment Instruments (5th ed.), edited by Whitfield, Feller, and Wood (2009). This guide represents a 30-year commitment to improve the use of psychological assessments in practice. Approximately three years in development, this 580-page volume includes 55 reviews of 71 instruments with about 190 additional instruments identified and briefly described. Appendices include contact information for about 115 test publishers as well as four statements of test standards and codes.

"Everyone in the counseling and career development field should have a copy of this Guide.  It would also be an excellent book to use by counselor educators in the teaching of career assessments. This is an excellent resource and training guide and the information in the book is up-to-date and meaningful." (Career Convergence)

Electronic Books
            NCDA has recently released an electronic version of Experiential Activities for Teaching Career Counseling Classes and for Facilitating Career Groups (Vol. 2) by Carole Minor and Mark Pope. This book, along with the first volume, is no longer available in print so the decision was made to offer the second volume in a CD format. Users should find this popular book easy to use with groups and in classes in this new format.  Another book, Career Counseling Casebook, is also now available only as an electronic book.  According to Deneen Pennington, Executive Director of NCDA, "This eliminates NCDA's expenditures for printing, warehousing, and distribution of these books. It allows the availability of quality materials to NCDA members at reduced costs."

Future Publications
            Plans are currently underway to produce new editions of two popular books, Adult Career Development by Niles and Nassar-McMillan (2011) and the Career Counseling Casebook by Niles, Goodman, and Pope (2011). Watch the website for availability announcements and reviews.

            One new monograph, Learning Outcomes Evaluation Step-by-Step: Enhancing Evidence-Based Practice in Career Services, by Makela and Rooney, is also scheduled for publication in 2011.

Scratch ‘n Dent Sale
            Back by popular demand, the sales in the online Career Resource Store are periodically announced on the website and it electronic Announcements to members.  Currently, a Scratch-n-Dent Sale offers books that are slightly damaged.  Because these items are limited, only phone orders are accepted and the items go fast. 


These and other resources offered by NCDA have been carefully reviewed prior to adding them to the Career Resource Store.  The Publications Development Council is the NCDA committee that coordinates the development of high quality publications that meet member's needs, advances the field of career development, and increases the number of publications generating income for NCDA.


Robert Reardon, Ph.D., is a retired professor and program director in the Career Center at Florida State University where he presently holds an appointment as senior research associate. He received the Eminent Career Award from NCDA in 2003.  Currently he is serving NCDA as the chairperson of the Publications Development Council. He can reached at rreardon@fsu.edu

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