Training and Education Council 

The National Career Development Association Board of Directors formed the Advisory Council in 2001 to enhance the development and delivery of the NCDA Facilitating Career Development project. Since that time, the Facilitating Career Development training program (formerly called the Career Development Facilitator program) has expanded greatly. We have added resource guides, supplemental materials, the eLearning version, curriculum updates, and numerous professional development institutes, workshops, trainings, and other beneficial services to the Facilitating Career Development community.

The Advisory Council rotates a minimum of 2 members each year. Each council member serves a 3-year term. Council positions are posted each February and applications are accepted through mid-March. Terms begin October 1.

The Advisory Council meets 2 times each year. The yearly planning meeting is scheduled sometime in the first quarter of the year (typically  mid-February) and is fully funded by NCDA. Council members meet again during the NCDA Annual Global Conference in the summer and participate at their own expense. In addition, council members participate in regular conference calls.


TEC Policy and Procedures Manual


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